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My name is Gábor Gazdag. Living in Vienna, in the 11th district Simmering.
I'm since 2012 in the IT industry and started with the web programming on 2014. Since then I have several works behind me and I try to keep my knowledge always up to date. The name of the Orgabor means an affordable and fair alternative. My venture is focusing on small or middle businesses located in Austria, Germany or Swiss who want a new usable responsive website or have any trouble or questions with the existing one. You will find further details under Services !


There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them. – Seth Godin


the beginning

I was starting to interest about the web development because of my actual job. With the traings of Ruander I learned the basics HTML CSS PHP and JavaScript languages. To this came WordPress and Joomla as a content management system. I keep trying my knowledge up to date to offer my customers the best solution. i've completet several courses on Udemy as well.


My first website is online!

As a reference work I've planned the page of and made a completly new website for the company. The page is based on BootStrap using AJAX and PHP.


I know what practice makes!

Since 2015 I try to keep my knowledge up to date with the Treehouse Online Academy.


Start of Orgabor

I found my knowledge an experiences enough to try me as an entrepreneur and get new customers as new possibly business partners.


100% entrepreneur

During to December of 2018 Orgabor was a part time activity beside of my normal job. To give my clients the best and concentrate to my project fully, I've decided to quit my job and be a 100% entrepreneur and proud owner of Orgabor. Feel free to contact me.

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Partner Sylvia Art & Design Corporate Design & Webdesign

Sylvia Art&Design

Corporate Design & Webdesign

Partner resQ online Websites, Social Media and Online Marketing

resQ online

Websites, Social Media and Online Marketing

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